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Here are some of the testimonials for Inspiritive from our clients, students and peers.

John Grinder Co-creator of NLP

“For over a decade, Jules and Chris Collingwood of INSPIRITIVE have worked diligently and effectively to make the New Code of NLP available. More remarkably, they have also focused on a set of mapping functions that connect the classic NLP patterns of interventions with the insights of the New Code. This allows classic trained NLP practitioners the option of continuing to use the classic patterns of NLP that they have already learned but with the features of an updated New Code approach”.

Dr. John GrinderCo-creator of NLP
Ambrose Mackinnery psychologist

“INSPIRITIVE’s Graduate Certificate is an outstanding programme delivered by superb trainers in Chris and Jules. The programme delivers potent and masterful change processes that continue to help me reach my personal outcomes more easily, and a set of tools to use in my consultancy in almost every arena.

The Collingwood’s are at the zenith of intellectual understanding in pure NLP theory and application. Their style is exciting, and unique in bringing life to and enriching the material and the learning experience. For achievements in human performance, I wholeheartedly support and recommend the programme”.

Ambrose McKinnery BA.(hons)Psy., Grad.Cert.NLP., Grad.Dip.Counselling PsychologistSydney
Jason Gates

“This turned out to be the single best workshop for developing my presentation style and managing a crowded room. The lessons I took away were for life, and I am thankful that I invested the time. Whether you are presenting for the first time, or a seasoned veteran like myself, it will change you into the presenter you WANT to be”.

Jason Gates Account Executive LinkedinSydney

As you know, soon after I started my Grad Cert with you, I was offered a permanent role in our organisation (at that point, I had been temporary for almost 8 years).
During the time I spent doing my Grad Cert, I received a number of promotions.  The first was the change to a permanent role, and then a move to a new business area at work.  I then was seconded into a team to prepare for our upcoming council merger.  When the merger occurred, I was then appointed to a role in the transition team.  After a few months, I was then appointed to lead a team of coaches.  Everything I learned during my Grad Cert assisted me in these promotions and helped my career.  I went from being a reserved and hesitant speaker, to a confident public speaker and a respected leader, known for my coaching style.  Within 6 months of being coached directly by me, I have had 3 staff achieve higher roles with both increased responsibility and an increase in pay.

I completed my last subject a year ago and have been re-reading my course work, purchased and read a lot of recommended readings, and integrated all of the pieces of work.  I still have a lot to learn but am finding that I am naturally adopting resourceful patterns that I find in others, and also see others adopting my patterns.  I am also finding that many people are coming to me for support and I am able to coach them and help them find their path.  These are people outside of my team, but I see the benefit to the organisation and I love to see people gain confidence and stand tall.

I have just signed a new contract with work.  I am now earning exactly double the amount I was making 12 months ago.  The timing is definitely not coincidental.  The impact of the Grad Cert has led to some major changes in the way i think about myself and my abilities, and challenged some long held limiting beliefs.  This has all come about because of the change in myself, as well as being opened up to being able to really tuning into other people and building strong rapport and understanding.

None of this would be possible if I had not completed my Grad Cert.  I would happily recommend this course to anyone who would like to develop themselves, their leadership skills, or help others to develop.  The course delivery was perfect for my circumstance, as I was able to spread out my leave to cover the days at college.  I enjoyed the 5 days each subject as it really gives an opportunity to get immersed in the coursework as well as practice the exercises.

I had previously completed a 5 day course in NLP, which gave me a keen interest to learn more.  I did not feel at all confident that I had learned enough in the short course to consider myself a practitioner.  I had left the course with a book of scripted examples to follow strictly, but no other tools to use if the script didn’t work.  I enjoyed the course but I did not think I had learned anywhere near enough about this subject.  When I started researching other courses, I found the Inspiritive Grad Cert.  I was immediately attracted to a course that had been through the rigour of the government’s training framework.  As someone with a Business Degree in HR, I understood the value of outcomes based learning and ensuring that participants fully understood the coursework rather than just attend for a certain number of days.
Jules and Chris are great at what they do.  They are so knowledgeable and keen to share that knowledge.  They are both very patient coaches and invested time in every one of their students.

Thank you Jules and Chris – I have learned so much from you and will continue to grow and learn, expanding on the skills you have shared and continually working to improve myself.

Virginia Cross
Peter Knight, Golf Coach

“I feel I have been extremely fortunate to have had most of my NLP training with Jules and Chris Collingwood from INSPIRITIVE Fortunate because their training is the best I have experienced in terms of its thoroughness, attention to detail in having course participants understand and be able to apply the patterns of NLP and the care taken to ensure the course is extremely enjoyable. 

Most of the training is based on the New Code approach which is a more elegant approach to working with others than many of the Classic Code patterns (which form the bulk of most other organisation’s training). I find the New Code processes make me more flexible in the application of NLP processes and can be more easily adapted to all people in a vast array of diverse situations.

My coaching work involves the use of the skills I have gained from Inspiritive NLP training on a daily basis. Applying those skills has made a major difference to the way I coach and to my continuing success.

As well as gaining and enhancing my own NLP skills I love watching other course participants as they develop their own skills and the fun and rewards they enjoy as they work through the course.

I recommend without reservation the Graduate Certificate and other courses as easily the best NLP training available in Australia and certainly among the best available anywhere in the world. I further encourage even those whose NLP skills are quite extensive to attend a course run by Jules and Chris as you will enjoy the experience of enhancing your own skills”.

Peter Knight Sports Coaching Master Professional, Member PGA of Australia, Head Coach, NSW Institute of Sport, Golf Programme
Jarett Lefers Grad Cert NLP graduate

“I put my business success down to my appreciation, understanding and application of NLP… It is a key to reaching goals and achieving excellence. It is an accelerated learning strategy for detecting and utilizing patterns in the world and turning them into models that can be replicated by others for success”.

Jarett LefersBusiness EntrepreneurClue XMelbourne
Geoff Wade CEO of ONIRIK

“People often ask me ‘What do you get from your Graduate Certificate in NLP and your ongoing education in NLP?’ My answer is that I enjoy different benefits in different contexts. At work my team and I use NLP in our management consulting activity. We find that our clients respect our Graduate Certificate qualifications. I believe it contributes to their confidence and willingness to employ NLP patterns to improve performance. The qualification also gives our company access to NLP graduates with high standards and consistent skill sets. This is important to us because we offer results based engagements.

Before the Graduate Certificate standard we encountered consultants claiming to have the Master Practitioner of NLP qualification with widely ranging skill sets – reflecting the range of 7-day through 45-day training programmes they had completed. Now we only engage consultants who have the Graduate Certificate qualification because we know they have a complete suite of NLP patterns and a capability to deliver effective client solutions consistently. In a personal context I find I’m happier and I am achieving my outcomes more often. I can choose to be in resourceful states, I find my internal dialogues are helpful – not critical. I am changing my habits and beliefs, reinforcing the ones that bring success and creating new ones to replace the ones that generate conflict. My communications are richer and I often get positive feedback about that. Improvement, problem solving, flexibility and change just seem to flow naturally, creatively, comfortably and of their own volition. My friends and associates tell me I am more relaxed, more at peace with myself, my relationships and the world. And it appears this result comes from having integrated a complete set of the patterns of NLP at an unconscious level – one of the outcomes of the Graduate Certificate programme and the ‘new code’ approach. In a parental context – like most fathers – I’m still learning the way as I go. Yet the patterns of NLP have improved my relationships and flexibility with my children immensely. What is also interesting is how the children model the patterns and the consequences of this in their lives. Each of my three teenage children have become leaders among their peers – two are school captains and one is the youth mayor in our shire. I used to think that personal development was a hard path. I felt it took energy, discipline and sacrifice. After completing the Graduate Certificate programme with Inspiritive I have a new model with less resistance. Enrol in Inspiritive’s NLP Graduate Certificate programme and you will see just how much fun the NLP approach to learning can be. You will learn NLP and as you use the patterns more and more often you will enjoy an effortless unconscious competence with them. You will see lasting change in your life. Whether you are after personal improvement or have work related goals – do yourself a favour and complete the course”.

Geoff Wade CEOONIRIKSydney

The first part of the training has been exceptionally useful. It has already brought substantial changes to my work and personal life. I am now aiming to complete all 8 units in 2017.

Elena ShshuchkinaProject Engineer

“I chose to undertake my training with Inspiritive because I was looking for the most comprehensive training in NLP that I could find in Australia. What I got was that and even more – It was a transformational experience.

Coming from a training and counselling background my goal was to add NLP to my repertoire. I researched various study options and found that Inspiritive were the first and only organisation to offer a Graduate certificate in NLP, that was a properly accredited qualification (a pioneering achievement in itself). I had previously undertaken many NLP programs and practitioner trainings, and thought I had a fair understanding of the principles and use of NLP. This program showed me how much more there was to learn.

‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’, best describes Inspritive’s approach to NLP training. I was taught the core principles and framework of NLP, upon which I could build and use any applications and patterns artfully in the moment. The course gave me essential skills and the confidence I needed to establish my own Training, Coaching and NLP consulting business.

The course was expertly structured for layered learning, which repeatedly enabled then challenged us. My mind was stretched and regularly escorted out of its comfort zone, as I was required to not merely understand, but embody the core principles of NLP. One of the greatest lessons for me was learning to build a better relationship with my unconscious. This continues to change the way I work with myself and adds so much vital depth to my work with clients.

Chris and Jules patiently took the time to ensure that each of us were understanding and progressing at the right pace. They are so richly seasoned in the field that it was not only an absolute pleasure but also a privilege to learn from 2 of the world's best NLP trainers. The ongoing support and opportunities for development both during and after the course are indeed also praiseworthy.

Clearly, I cannot recommend them highly enough”.

Mario D'SouzaManaging DirectorEverOnward – Training , Coaching & NLP consulting

“I have had the opportunity to engage Jules through her company INSPIRITIVE Pty Ltd (Australia) as a Professional Trainer and executive coach in NLP Training and NLP Applications.

I regard Jules – and indeed INSPIRITIVE, Pty Ltd – as leaders in the field of NLP Training (in particular the New Code of NLP) and recommend Jules without reservation”.

Damien O'DonoghueGeneral Manager GAC Corporate Academy at GAC Group

“Jules is an incredible NLP expert, professional and change agent. By utilising NLP and consultancy she has created enormous personal and business change in me that has brought incredible results in both my personal and business life. In the business space I have never worked smarter and moved to the point of closing strategic sales negotiations quicker than I do now. I am a sales professional with over 30 years selling experience and am always looking for that essence that will give me the edge over my competitors.

Working with Jules and the team at Inspiritive has given me incredible personal and business results. My ability to assess the client situation through understanding their buying needs, signals and intent has never been this clear. Using my new skills has enabled a profound shift in how I engage in all personal and business relationships with maximum outcome.

As an expert and lecturer in NLP, Jules has proven her worth time and again and I recommend her to anybody who is looking for a brilliant change agent. She is second to none!!”

Sylvia Souliotis Consulting Sales Executive Hewlett Packard

“Jules is an enigma. Potentially the most elegant and powerful NLP trainer in Australia and with more charm than a box full of cats. If you have any chance of training with Jules or being coached then it is an opportunity that you will never forget”.

Greg Layton Director & High Performance Coach

“In the field of NLP, Chris and his INSPIRITIVE Group are a beacon signalling integrity, depth of expertise, range of experience, underpinned by their tight collaboration with NLP’s co-founder (John Grinder). No other NLP program comes close”.

Adrian Iaiza Business Process Improvement and Information ManagerMacquarie Banking and Financial Services, Service and Operations

“Expert tutoring provided in NLP – their Post Graduate Course in NLP is the hallmark certification in its field”.

Andy LyonDirectorBlack Light Advisory Ltd

“Chris and the INSPIRITIVE institute, endorsed and supported by John Grinder (co-founder of NLP), are the best in Australia for NLP, Coaching and Consulting. I have taken all my training directly from Chris and John, the education is superb and the Post Graduate Course in NLP is superior to all”.

Johnny TrujilloSenior Project Manager Telstra

“Chris has demonstrated to me again and again, in teaching, consulting work and in one-on-one coaching, that his grasp and application of NLP may only be surpassed by the orginators of the field themselves. I get measurable, deep, profound and ongoing results from each time I work with him”.

Mark RatjensCo-founder Habanero Software

“The work Chris does and facilitates in the field of NLP is exemplary. His knowledge and style opens the path to ongoing learning, and self demonstration – confidence to walk your talk. Chris and INSPIRITIVE offer the kind of training and interventions that will transform any business or person to achieve results in a very short time frame, and set a solid foundation for continuing growth”.

Karren KerriskBusiness Coordinator, NLP and Change Management Trainer

“Pound for pound the training offered by Chris & INSPIRITIVE punches above its weight in terms of outcomes and immediate return on investment. I recommend this to any organisation or professional seeking a compelling point of difference”.

Tod Campbell HR Partnering | Employee Relations | Leadership Development

“I fortunately met Chris at a time where I faced many seemingly insurmountable business challenges. His skill and wisdom, along with that of the ever creative Jules Collingwood, helped to steer me through many challenges successfully. 

The training I received, even in Chris’s early days, was first class; thorough and effective. It provided me skill sets that have stood the test of time for 25 years now.

I have recommended Chris and Jules to many people over the years and will continue to do so”.

Grant EvansSenior Business Analyst Telstra Global

“Chris (Collingwood) provides excellent training in a very powerful subject. The context of the information provided is applicable to all my client and subject interactions. I recommend Chris completely”.

Stuart FrostAssociate ProducerBig Dirt FNQ

“Chris is a Master. An absolute Master of high performance, NLP and coaching. He’s taught me more than I can have imagined possible with incredible effectiveness. Go train with him – you’ll never be the same”.

Greg LaytonDirector & High Performance Coach

“Chris (Collingwood) is a highly talented trainer who is passionate about his clients achieving the outcomes they want. He combines a wealth of experience with extremely high skill levels – resulting in profound changes for those individuals, and organisations, seeking them. Chris has been instrumental in assisting me develop the consulting, training and coaching skills I consistently draw on in my work”.

John Sautelle Principal Consultant Bendelta

“A highly skilled educator and coach. Chris knows the history and application of the NLP field deeply as well as related disciplines. He uses a variety of methods to transfer & build capability. His use of metaphor and his skills in personal coaching are superb to facilitate transformation”.

Amy MiszalskiHR Operations ManagerSydney WaterSydney
Jillian Naidu

“I consider training with both Chris and Jules Collingwood to be one of the most dynamic, inspirational and enjoyable experiences. Unfolding as a piece of art in progress, the understanding and passion for Neuro-Linguistic Programming that both these exceptionally experienced trainers possess, is evident from day one. Having participated in the graduate course, past methods of learning appear archaic. Experiential learning allows one to gain a familiarity, heightened knowledge and understanding of the NLP technology by experience, immersion and observation.

On the completion of the training there is a level of competency and confidence in one’s skills and capabilities which provides for bountiful opportunities for future possibilities, not to mention a desire to know more. I highly recommend this course to anyone who has a desire to explore the art of infinite possibilities as it has certainly been a life altering experience for the best”.

Jillian Naidu Dip. Counseling and Psychotherapy., Grad.Cert.NLP. Life Coach NLP, Reg.T5T Yoga trainer.

“You are probably reading this testimonial because you are interested in trying something new, just as I did a few years ago., 

I first looked at this web site when searching for something new, something different. I knew something was out there and maybe you do too. All it took was to make that simple first step and I was learning things I had never imagined before. The course by Chris and Jules Collingwood changed my life.

The funny thing about the courses run by Inspiritive is that it was not until I moved countries and became involved with other NLP organisations did I realise the high level of quality of their teaching.

My life has changed so much since I did the Graduate Certificate course with Inspiritive. My income has more than doubled, I am now in a happy relationship, I have travelled and I now am working overseas and have more potential in my life than I could have before doing the course. I am able to deal with people more and more easily. Knowing what makes them tick, as well as being more aware of what I want, and how to get it without hurting anyone else in the process.

Sure, the qualification is well regarded and reflects on the work done, but knowing this material, and being taught well, makes the difference. You have an opportunity right now to change your life for the better.

Of course you can just keep browsing, staying in the same rut as you might be in right now, or you can decide enough is enough. The only difference between who you are now and who you want to be is doing something about it”.

Bradley McCosker MBA., Grad.Cert.NLP. London, UK

“The Graduate Certificate in NLP is for me a culmination of my experience with quality NLP education and training. I first “discovered” NLP about 10 years ago and it has since had an immense impact on my life and that of people around me. After my initial certification as a master practitioner, so after 40 days of ongoing training over a then 12 month period I moved to another country for 5 years and found myself consciously applying my NLP skills throughout all aspects of my life and facilitating change in others on a regular basis and achieving excellent results and feedback. Very often I would get asked where to train and “how to recognise a good training or trainer”, where my answer until recently was simply to test the training and trainer and rely on your “intuition” after some time of reflection and several different descriptions to let you know which training was the right one for you. Of course this still is a very valid way of deciding upon anything, provided you have an outcome, as in this case to find quality and ecologically sound trainers and training, but now I can refer to the government certified qualification of the Graduate Certificate in NLP. For me it represents a quality training with ample time for ecologically sound (aware of the costs and consequences) in-depth integration of NLP skills, which inevitably result in a higher skill level and ability to apply NLP patterns at will and effortlessly in any situation. Having also experienced other trainers of 7-14 day master practitioner trainers, and having had many unconscious alarms go off on those occasions relating to congruency and ethical soundness, I can honestly say that in the case of NLP “less is NOT more”. 

On a professional level I use NLP on an ongoing basis and facilitate change and improvements for my clients on a daily basis. I am able to quickly and efficiently create solutions and lasting benefits for my clients, which include the largest film and television production houses in the Australasian region. I mainly work as a visual effects technical director and senior animator and thus deal a lot with teams, problem solutions, communication and process design and improvements. I am also experiencing a huge benefit in my training work which involves skill based visual effects training for professionals and lecturing a core subject in the masters program at the University of Sydney Faculty of Architecture.

In a personal context NLP has certainly had the most profound effect on my life. My wife and I both received the NLP Master-practitioner qualification in NLP 10 years ago and since then have found drastic improvements in all our relationships. Our children have of course unconsciously modelled our patterns and are extremely flexible at applying these, much to their benefit of course, as its completely unconscious to them. A benefit for life, no doubt. Just recently my daughter was elected class principle by her class.

When I grew up and went through University I believed that dealing with people and personal change was difficult if not impossible. After completing the Graduate Certificate in NLP and the precursing courses help by Inspiritive, I no longer shy away from interaction, I seek it. There is nothing more fascinating than the human condition, especially when change is so simple and elegant, and most important of all congruent and ecologically sound for all involved. What is even more important is that the newly acquired skills have long since become unconscious competencies. The Graduate Certificate in NLP will change your life in more positive ways than just getting a certificate of completion of any other course. You will acquire truly lasting and improving life skills”.

Tylney TaylorVFX technical director, Consultant trainer Bold VFX Pty Ltd Sydney

“Some of the most recent research and theories in the cognitive sciences in the areas of neural learning and mental representation directly supports the way that Inspiritive teaches. My representations of the field of Cognitive Science are highly enriched as a direct result of my training in NLP on the Graduate Certificate, and this allows me a whole new perspective for my research”.

Richard ThompsonCognitive Science (BSc)

“I see NLP as one of the core, extremely powerful tools I use in any business transformation process as it enables my colleagues and I to truly understand behaviour, thinking and communicating, at all levels, organisation wide, within teams and individuals”.

Penny BannisterOwner/Principal Self-determine

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