Ambrose McKinnery

“INSPIRITIVE’s Graduate Certificate is an outstanding programme delivered by superb trainers in Chris and Jules. The programme delivers potent and masterful change processes that continue to help me reach my personal outcomes more easily, and a set of tools to use in my consultancy in almost every arena.

The Collingwood’s are at the zenith of intellectual understanding in pure NLP theory and application. Their style is exciting, and unique in bringing life to and enriching the material and the learning experience. For achievements in human performance, I wholeheartedly support and recommend the programme”.

Ambrose Mackinnery psychologist
Ambrose McKinnery BA.(hons)Psy., Grad.Cert.NLP., Grad.Dip.Counselling PsychologistSydney

Andres Rodriguez

Andres is a Marketing and Communications Specialist with a range of experiences that go from working at start-up companies as well as with well established corporations in countries such as Spain and Australia. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, an Associate Degree and a Graduate Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

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