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Optimise your career with our nationally accredited NLP program

At Inspiritive we are constantly striving to adapt our training programs to the latest trends in the corporate world so you, our clients, can derive the most relevant possible results in regards to current trends.

According to a recent article published by Forbes magazine the skills employers most value in employees at and potential hiring prospect include the ability to communicate verbally with people inside and outside an organisation.

Employers also want new hires to have technical knowledge related to the job but that’s not nearly as important as good teamwork decision-making and communication skills and the ability to plan and prioritise work.” the article emphases.

According this article here are the 5 skills employers say they seek in order of importance:

1. Ability to work in a team structure
2. Ability to make decisions and solve problems
3. Ability to communicate verbally with people inside and outside an organization
4. Ability to plan, organise and prioritise work
5. Ability to obtain and process information

The article goes on to say further emphasise that “No matter what you have studied in school, whether anthropology or French or computer science you will have had to learn the top five skills on the list“.

These top 5 skills are at the core of what our syllabus is at the NAT10790 Graduate Certificate NLP and here is how you can optimise your career with NLP. 

NAT10970 Graduate Certificate NLP – Taking your career above and beyond

NLP is a unique discipline that enables you to think, communicate and manage others highly effectively. The Graduate Certificate program enables suitably vetted and appropriately qualified entrants the opportunity to refine their communication skills for personal advancement and commercial benefits.

Used correctly, the discipline helps participants identify excellence and discern the patterns of behaviour and language underpinning the excellence. From this learning and understanding, models are created. Indeed, every NLP pattern in the syllabus has been modelled on someone who has demonstrated excellence in his or her field.

Our Corporate NLP Training will provide you with outcomes at the following levels:

Outcomes for work/life balance

  • Optimise your stress levels
  • Master your emotional levels to support high performance
  • Reframe events and increase your options
  • Drop unwanted habits when you choose to
  • Create empowering beliefs that work
  • Improve your memory
  • Uncover your own patterns of excellence

Outcomes for communication

  • See, hear and feel from many perspectives to support high performance
  • Interact effectively in multiple contexts – Ability to work in team structure
  • Create rapport with others
  • Communicate compellingly to different people in a variety of contexts
  • Use Metaphor to communicate your ideas

Outcomes for management

  • Acquire precise and elegant language to enable high quality results
  • Identify resources to achieve goals smoothly
  • Mediate change in your self and others for more options
  • Think globally and specifically; solve problems more effectively
  • Negotiate win-win solutions at work and elsewhere
  • Develop high level patterns modelled from yourself and other experts for application in your field(s)

Our graduates achievements

  • 1000% increase on projects success rate
  • The implementation time on projects dropped to between 3 and 4, months.
  • Doubled percentage in business growth rate and profit.
  • A new business division was started, providing services, to model experts and exceptional performers.
  • Projects consistently, delivered outcomes 20% or more above what clients thought was the best, possible.
  • This new business division continues to date having grown to be the main, revenue stream for his consultancy and having helped over 140 clients to, exceed 300% return on investment for their change projects.
  • The MD measured the year one return on his investment at over 3,000%, and the payback period as less than one month.
  • The MD now insists that, all of his consultants complete the NAT10970 Graduate Certificate qualification.


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Australian Qualifications Framework     VET FEE-HELP    A nationally accredited training for communication, leadership and personal management


Who is this training for?

Typically people working in mid to senior management who wish to optimise their career prospects.

The Graduate Certificate in NLP will help these people to perfect all-important communication and business skills in ways that noticeably improve their performance and effectiveness, taking them to the next level and beyond in their careers.

The Graduate Certificate in NLP will assist people to develop the skills and competencies they need to improve their performance which in turn impacts positively on their career path

What makes us different?


Most other NLP providers

Australian Government accredited and recognised training (Graduate Certificate in NLP) Non-accredited courses endorsed by one or more non-recognised bodies, almost always created by the training company
Inspiritive is a Registered training Organisation registered with the Australian Skills and Quality Authority, demanding rigorous standards of quality assurance for your peace of mind. Private company endorsed by non-recognised body. Might be backed by great people.
Our Graduate Certificate in NLP is benchmarked against the rigorous standards of the AQF at the level above a bachelor’s degree. Non-accredited, non-recognised certificates
INSPIRITIVE’s trainers are endorsed by Co-Creator of NLP, Dr John Grinder, and are all actively engaged in extensive ongoing research and professional development. Inspiritive trainers deliver NLP training as it was intended and as it will be most effectively transferred so you can use it. There are some great coaches, speakers and trainers though most other NLP providers have taken short courses in which they have learnt some of the theory of NLP.
NLP is learned from first principles enabling graduates to formulate interventions conversationally in their own words and change what they are doing to suit individual clients Scripted formats derived from examples of NLP patterns. Students limited to using exact scripted words.
All references to existing patterns and formats in the NLP syllabus properly attributed to their developers. Often not referenced and when referenced incorrect attribution
We have a number of financing options available for this program including loans and payment plans. Not all NLP providers have student loans available

Course Structure 

The complete course comprises a total of eight units over twenty four non-consecutive training days of training, divided in two parts (twelve days each part). Units are typically taught in clusters of two units per training period.

Entry to Part 2 is only available to applicants who have completed Part 1.

Dates and Locations

The course is taught in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Click here to see the dates for each location.

Financing and your investment

  • Part 1 – $7,500 or $1,875 per unit
  • Part 2 – $7,500 or, $1,875 per unit

Financing Options available for this qualification

We have a number of financing options available for this program including loans and payment plans. If you require financing for the Graduate Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming either contact us (through the contact us button at the bottom of this page) to discuss financing options or you can apply for finance online by following the link to the two providers below.



Part 1 – Learn proven models of excellence

Part 1 is a comprehensive, skill-based course in the essential abilities of people who excel at what they do. John Grinder and Richard Bandler (the founders of NLP) identified and modelled these patterns of effective thinking, behaviour and communication. They learned to reproduce these skills in their own behaviour (modelling) and then described them explicitly so others could learn and apply these patterns. These skills form the basis of Part 1 of the course.

This course is a rigorous, experiential training that empowers you to create lasting, sustainable change in your life. This is achieved by teaching you to work with real situations, problems and experiences. Course elements include presentations, demonstrations, guided exercises and practice. Feedback and discussion sessions will help you achieve results through immersion in the NLP experience. Partner and group activities are designed to provide you with memorable learning and evidence of your NLP mastery through contact with other people.

Each student on Part 1 will receive a copy of The NLP Field Guide: Part 1, by Jules and Chris Collingwood and Part 2 students will receive a comprehensive training manual.

Units Part 1, 

Part 2 – Create your own models of excellence

If you can create your own models of human excellence, you have the leverage to learn any skill you choose. This is the emphasis of Part 2. Acquisition of excellence in any endeavour lends itself to creating a model, not a theory. Being able to model equips you with the means to create your own NLP applications instead of depending solely on those developed by other people.

You will learn formal self-modelling by exploring, transforming and developing your self-concept. This element of the Graduate Certificate in NLP is for personal development and working with others.

You have an opportunity to explore experientially, model and then make explicit significant patterns, perceptual filters and values which are present in your maps of self, your self-concept. Participants then have the opportunity to work with each other to transform any limiting patterns.

Each student will receive a copy of the NLP Field Guide: Part 2, by Jules and Chris Collingwood

Units Part 2


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Australian Qualifications Framework        A nationally accredited training for communication, leadership and personal management


A training format to suit you

Modular 20 day format for each of Parts 1 and 2: divided into four monthly sessions of five days each, covering one unit. We usually train Friday to Monday including the weekend to allow for work/life balance during your learning.

Intensive 15 day format for each of Parts 1 and 2: divided into four units of five days each with either one or two days off between each unit.

Both formats conform to the accreditation requirements of 200 hrs of live contact training sessions each for Part 1 and Part 2.

In both parts of the course candidates will be assessed through:

  • Experiential evaluation
    (Live demonstration of skills in the training room)
  • Written evaluation
    (written take home questions with three months to complete)
  • Continuing coaching and evaluation throughout the course.
Jules Collingwood of Inspiritive

“Experiential training takes time. We want people to be able to do NLP, not talk about it”.

Jules CollingwoodHead Trainer and Director INSPIRITIVE

Making NLP a life skill

All of Inspiritive’s NLP certification courses are structured around the core competency of NLP modelling. We model what we teach and create contexts for you to discover the patterns in action. You will experience the patterns through exercises, games and tasks.

This has been called the emergent approach to learning NLP. It enables students to communicate spontaneously and naturally, with their own style and vocabulary. We respond flexibly to the patterns we observe in other people’s communication instead of relying on scripted techniques or conscious formats.

Our emphasis is always on replicating the skill or pattern in question, not talking about it or reproducing a scripted format. As a result you will experience emerging NLP patterning in your daily life, from which appropriate understanding then follows.

Chris Collingwood managing director of Inspiritive

“Traditionally, psychology has been about studying the norm, but NLP deliberately focuses on the exceptions. It provides a methodology for modelling excellence in human behaviour”.

Chris Collingwood,Managing Director and Head Trainer INSPIRITIVE

Academic Awards

NAT10970 Graduate Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Upon successful completion of all 8 units students will be awarded a Graduate Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Upon successful completion of each unit of competency students are awarded a Statement of Attainment for that unit.

Entry requirements

Naturally, not everyone who applies for the Graduate Certificate can be accepted. As with any post-graduate course, the minimum requirements are:

A bachelor’s degree or higher OR, a nationally accredited advanced diploma or international equivalent OR, evidence of five years’ full time employment in a managerial capacity


Practitioner of New Code NLP

Upon completion of the first 3 units; NAT10970001, NAT10970002, NAT10970003 students may apply for a Practitioner of NLP certificate.

Master Practitioner of New Code NLP

Upon completion of the next 2 units; NAT10970004, NAT10970005 students may apply for a Master Practitioner of NLP certificate.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Any person who believes they have all the competencies that match one or more units of the Graduate Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming may elect to apply for RPL for those units. RPL consists of testing of conceptual understanding of NLP and experiential assessment of application of the NLP patterns required for each unit. Please contact us for further information and to begin the application process.

Financing Options available for this qualification

We have a number of financing options available for this program including loans and payment plans. If you require financing for the Graduate Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming either contact us (through the contact us button at the bottom of this page) to discuss financing options or you can apply for finance online by following the link to the two providers below.




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Geoff Wade CEO of ONIRIK

“INSPIRITIVE’s graduates are competent in seeing and understanding people’s patterns and in their ability to model and replicate to achieve success. That is also why my senior consultants are all Inspiritive graduates – it ensures I have quality, skilled NLP specialists working with me”.

Geoff WadeCEOONIRIKSydney
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