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Process Oriented Negotiation – Negotiation Skills Training Course

Process Oriented Negotiation is a 3-day negotiation skills training course for professionals seeking magnify the impact of their communication., These skills will enhance the individual’s ability to frame and present ideas successfully keeping in sight specific individual and team outcomes, as well as considering outcome sustainability given the context.

You will learn:

  • How to design effective thinking and communication strategies
  • High quality information gathering tools – Outcome oriented framing
  • Reframing
  • In-depth outcome exploration
  • Outcome sustainability evaluation

By focusing on the process of the negotiation and keeping outcomes in sight at all times, this model of negotiation is guaranteed to bring results to your team every time.

Results include:

  • Radically decreased conflict between peers
  • Integration of individual outcomes in teams, leading to, greater group efficiency
  • Systemic approach to dealing with conflict
  • Significantly leverage your choices when dealing with, conflict
  • Magnify the impact of relationships among peers – Boost individual and team productivity

The principles taught in this program have been proven across all kinds of industries.

We strongly recommend this program for:

  • Change Managers and Consultants – Human Resources Professionals
  • Executive Directors
  • Management professionals
  • Sales, Marketing and Communication Specialists


This three-day program is only available for, organisations.

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