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Catalysts of Exceptional Effectiveness

Catalysts of Exceptional Effectiveness

Over time we have noticed with delight that our students and clients find their lives and businesses take off spectacularly after learning and working with us, but we were too close to it to realise that this could be named as what we do.

Everything we do is related to modelling patterns of human excellence, including specific expertise and general self and life management. This applies just as much to Inspiritive’s approach to training as to the content of our work. In Part 1 of the Graduate Certificate in NLP, we teach patterns of excellence in thinking, communication and learning.

When we teach the essential NLP skills in Part 1, you learn the principles that inform the questions and instructions in each exercise and change process. This makes it more memorable and more flexible. If, as most NLP students do, you were allowed to take an exercise at face value and read or recite the instructions, when the recipient of your exercise deviated from the ‘script’ you would stall. What you get with the principles is a frame in which you can appreciate the independence of the client’s thinking and understand how it fits, or does not fit with what you are asking of them.

Appreciating the intention for each element in an exercise or process is far more useful than simply being able to run a client through a written format. This is an element of several modelling projects that turned out to be far more important than we realised initially. The intention for any process is the guiding principle that gives it sufficient flexibility to be used in the consultant’s own words and changed to fit each client. What we are actually doing in response to the principles makes this approach to NLP so much more effective. For you as a student, it is much easier to remember how a process flows if you understand the intention for each piece of it.

And now we have a description: ‘Catalysts of Exceptional Effectiveness’, just as we are able to describe it. When you model anything using NLP modelling, the skill is taken on outside conscious awareness, then used in real time and allowed to become conscious. This realisation of our higher level skills has taken years to reach a point where we can articulate it and there may be plenty more in the wings.

For now, we are happy to confirm that we are catalysts of exceptional effectiveness and with the capacity to teach higher level framing to guide NLP questions and processes, now we can catalyse exceptional effectiveness in even more of our students.

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Jules Collingwood

Jules has been involved in training and coaching since the 1980s and brings a wealth of experience to her work. As well as training, she consults to business and senior management, where she specialises in systemic change and individual performance enhancement. She is a superb negotiator with highly developed skills in influential language patterns, which she uses to assist clients develop and achieve their plans. Jules also designs custom training programs for specific applications and is responsible for INSPIRITIVE's RTO compliance management and course accreditation.