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Our NLP Graduates

We'd like to share with you, some of our graduates stories from the, Grad Cert NLP, the world's first government accredited postgraduate qualification, in NLP. You will learn to codify and express exceptional effectiveness in your life and to transform, your own and others' performance.

Geoff Wade CEO Onirik Pty Ltd

Geoff Wade, CEO of Onirik wholeheartedly believes that NLP has transformed the way he approaches life. Indeed, he claims that his exploration of NLP has taken him on a personal revolution, where he has transformed his attitude to life. He feels far more aware of and connected to his own self and others with whom he interacts on a personal and professional level. [read the interview with Geoff Wade]

Penny Bannister Principle / Owner Self Determine

Penny Bannister is the Principal/Owner of Self Determine, a business transformation consultancy that has expertise in delivering large-scale strategic programs that include and require cultural and organisational shifts to deliver sustainable long-term outcomes. Self Determine works with corporate clients across a number of sectors including Financial Services, Information Technology and Public Sector. [read the interview with Penny Bannister]

Peter Knight Melbourne Golf Coach Master Professional with the PGA of Australia

Peter Knight is a Master Professional with the PGA of Australia as well as the National Coach for Australia and Chinese Taipei. He also coaches all levels from beginner to professional at the Yarra Bend Golf Course in Melbourne. Instrumental to his phenomenal coaching success is his understanding and use of NLP in all of his coaching work. [read the interview with Peter Knight]

Jarett Lefers Entrepeneur

In many respects Melbourne-based business entrepreneur Jarett Lefers first became interested in NLP at a very young age. During his school years he was deeply passionate about sport and music and sought to emulate his favourite sportsmen and pianists by watching hours of video footage of them in action, observing their every move, mannerism and inflection. He’d then apply what he had observed to his own his sporting and musical endeavours and the results were phenomenal! [read the interview with Jarett Lefers]

Daniel Smith NLP Trainer and University Lecturer

Daniel Smith is a passionate advocate of NLP, having trained with major figures in the NLP world including Dr John Grinder, Richard Bandler, Robert Dilts and Anthony Robbins.

Currently based in China and the Chairman of The China NLP Society, Daniel is highly qualified as a multi-Certified Trainer of NLP, a Certified Trainer of New Code NLP and is an experienced NLP coach. He is also the leading trainer of New Code NLP in Asia. Daniel has also gained his Graduate Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming through Inspiritive. Few trainers, world-wide, have his level of qualification, pedigree and experience. [read the interview with Daniel Smith]