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“I feel I have been extremely fortunate to have had most of my NLP training with Jules and Chris Collingwood from INSPIRITIVE Fortunate because their training is the best I have experienced in terms of its thoroughness, attention to detail in having course participants understand and be able to apply the patterns of NLP and the care taken to ensure the course is extremely enjoyable. 

Most of the training is based on the New Code approach which is a more elegant approach to working with others than many of the Classic Code patterns (which form the bulk of most other organisation’s training). I find the New Code processes make me more flexible in the application of NLP processes and can be more easily adapted to all people in a vast array of diverse situations.

My coaching work involves the use of the skills I have gained from Inspiritive NLP training on a daily basis. Applying those skills has made a major difference to the way I coach and to my continuing success.

As well as gaining and enhancing my own NLP skills I love watching other course participants as they develop their own skills and the fun and rewards they enjoy as they work through the course.

I recommend without reservation the Graduate Certificate and other courses as easily the best NLP training available in Australia and certainly among the best available anywhere in the world. I further encourage even those whose NLP skills are quite extensive to attend a course run by Jules and Chris as you will enjoy the experience of enhancing your own skills”.

Peter Knight, Golf Coach
Peter Knight Sports Coaching Master Professional, Member PGA of Australia, Head Coach, NSW Institute of Sport, Golf Programme

Andres Rodriguez

Andres is a Marketing and Communications Specialist with a range of experiences that go from working at start-up companies as well as with well established corporations in countries such as Spain and Australia. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, an Associate Degree and a Graduate Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

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