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“People often ask me ‘What do you get from your Graduate Certificate in NLP and your ongoing education in NLP?’ My answer is that I enjoy different benefits in different contexts. At work my team and I use NLP in our management consulting activity. We find that our clients respect our Graduate Certificate qualifications. I believe it contributes to their confidence and willingness to employ NLP patterns to improve performance. The qualification also gives our company access to NLP graduates with high standards and consistent skill sets. This is important to us because we offer results based engagements.

Before the Graduate Certificate standard we encountered consultants claiming to have the Master Practitioner of NLP qualification with widely ranging skill sets – reflecting the range of 7-day through 45-day training programmes they had completed. Now we only engage consultants who have the Graduate Certificate qualification because we know they have a complete suite of NLP patterns and a capability to deliver effective client solutions consistently. In a personal context I find I’m happier and I am achieving my outcomes more often. I can choose to be in resourceful states, I find my internal dialogues are helpful – not critical. I am changing my habits and beliefs, reinforcing the ones that bring success and creating new ones to replace the ones that generate conflict. My communications are richer and I often get positive feedback about that. Improvement, problem solving, flexibility and change just seem to flow naturally, creatively, comfortably and of their own volition. My friends and associates tell me I am more relaxed, more at peace with myself, my relationships and the world. And it appears this result comes from having integrated a complete set of the patterns of NLP at an unconscious level – one of the outcomes of the Graduate Certificate programme and the ‘new code’ approach. In a parental context – like most fathers – I’m still learning the way as I go. Yet the patterns of NLP have improved my relationships and flexibility with my children immensely. What is also interesting is how the children model the patterns and the consequences of this in their lives. Each of my three teenage children have become leaders among their peers – two are school captains and one is the youth mayor in our shire. I used to think that personal development was a hard path. I felt it took energy, discipline and sacrifice. After completing the Graduate Certificate programme with Inspiritive I have a new model with less resistance. Enrol in Inspiritive’s NLP Graduate Certificate programme and you will see just how much fun the NLP approach to learning can be. You will learn NLP and as you use the patterns more and more often you will enjoy an effortless unconscious competence with them. You will see lasting change in your life. Whether you are after personal improvement or have work related goals – do yourself a favour and complete the course”.

Geoff Wade CEO of ONIRIK
Geoff Wade CEOONIRIKSydney

Andres Rodriguez

Andres is a Marketing and Communications Specialist with a range of experiences that go from working at start-up companies as well as with well established corporations in countries such as Spain and Australia. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, an Associate Degree and a Graduate Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

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