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Human experience broken down

In human experience there are countless elements that make up its structure. It is important that you become aware of which elements are important in order to take an effective inventory and organize yourself to achieve results, according to the context.

Exceptionally effective people are very aware of this (whether consciously or otherwise) and reorganize the structure of their experience consistently for it to become and remain congruent with their intentions.

Once again here is an excerpt from an article that explains this in a simple, sharp and concise way, by NLP Trainer Chris Collingwood.

Patterns of Organisation of Expertise and Expert Performance –Click here for full article

The sets, isolates and patterns that constitute expert performance we refer to as the patterns of personal organisation of the expert in the context where they perform. The model of expertise and expert performance is comprised of these sets, isolates and patterns.

The key components or isolates of the expert’s patterns of organisation can be described usefully in the following way:

  • Mindset: What are the frames, beliefs and values that inform the expert’s expertise?
  • Frameworks: What are the overall frameworks , for the capability?
  • Linguistic Patterns: What are the key language patterns used by expert each stage of the framework?
  • Non-verbal Behaviour: What are the key patterns used in the high performing expert’s non-verbal or paralinguistic behaviour in communicating to others at each stage of the framework?
  • States/Emotions: What are the patterns of organisation for the expert’s performance state when performing?
  • Managing State: How does the expert manage their emotions to maintain a high performance state and overall performance?

So next time you are working towards a goal, pay attention to the elements and the way you use them. What can be even better is if you can find someone who organizes these parts of his or her experience in an exceptionally effective way to get results in a particular context and do what they are doing.

As one of the greatest artists, Pablo Picasso used to say, “good artists copy, great artists steal”.

Go ahead and ‘steal’ an exceptionally effective way to do things, and give it your own twist.

Remember this is practical advice not just another theory, so do go out and try it, and, let me know how you went., 

Edited By Jules Collingwood, NLP Trainer at INSPIRITIVE

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Andres Rodriguez

Andres is a Marketing and Communications Specialist with a range of experiences that go from working at start-up companies as well as with well established corporations in countries such as Spain and Australia. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, an Associate Degree and a Graduate Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.