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Policy on RTO Legal Requirements

Inspiritive is responsible as a Registered Training Organisation under the Australian Skills and Qualifications Authority to comply with all relevant Federal, State and Territory legislation and regulatory requirements for New South Wales as main address and any other state or territory in which Inspiritive conducts its business as an RTO.

This includes but is not limited to the;

  • Vocational Education and Training Act 2000
  • Equal Opportunity Acts 2000
  • Information Privacy Act 2000
  • Subordinate Legislation covering Occupational Health and Safety (General Safety) Regulation 1996.
  • Federal and State Anti-discrimination Legislation
  • Federal and State Fire and Safety Regulations
  • For access to Australian Legal Information Institute databases of Commonwealth, State and Territory legislation see www.austlii.edu.au

For access to Acts and Bills from all Australian jurisdictions see www.opc.gov.au/

For access to Dept of Employment, Workplace Relations and Small Business Legal Issues Guide for Small Business see www.legalissues.dewrsb.gov.au

For access to Occupational Health and Safety legal obligations see www.nohsc.gov.au

For state legislative and regulatory requirements see the following web sites:

Victoria: www.ette.vic.gov.au

New South Wales: www.vetab.nsw.gov.au

Queensland: www.training.qld.gov.au

Western Australia: www.training.wa.gov.au

South Australia: www.tafe.sa.edu.au/

ACT: www.decs.act.gov.au/services/training.htm

Northern Territory: www.nt.gov.au/nteta

Tasmania: www.opcet.tas.gov.au