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Many graduates of Inspiritive's Graduate Certificate in NLP have created innovative businesses where they apply and develop NLP patterns and models in and for their areas of expertise. We actively support our graduates and their high quality businesses and provide information and links to their sites. The consultants and businesses we feature in this section demonstrate exceptional effectiveness in their lives and work. We recommend them highly.

Geoff Wade - Onirik

Onirik works with medium to large sized organisations to drive measurable results against agreed targets. We help managers to improve business results by:

  • Duplicating the talent and results of their top leaders and front-line staff in operations and sales;
  • Implementing sustainable leadership measurement and development systems;
  • Driving fast and lasting autonomous organisational change, culture change and problem solving.

Unlike other business performance improvement programs, Onirik offers a fee structure that is linked to your measured results (financial or KPI) to increase your investment security. Imagine increasing the results of all your people to equal or outperform your best; contact us if you’d like to discuss how that can be realised.


Ian Snape - The Coaching Space

Ian is a scientist at the Australian Antarctic Division, a university academic and cofounder and Director of The Coaching Space. He works mainly at the interface between innovation, industry and policy where he helps organisations develop strategy and align and develop capability. He works with executives, managers, teams and individuals for high performance in research, business, neurotrauma recovery, government and sports. His clients include small and large organisations, company directors, senior executives and olympic and world champion athletes. He also works with frontline specialists such as tactical response groups, paramedics and correctional officers who have experienced psychological trauma.

One of our current modelling and research projects is the risky business project, which aims to map the decision-making strategies of long lived professionals who engage in extreme sports such as full contact combat or ski mountaineering, and translate those processes into business, government and frontline service performance where poor engagement with risk can have major or fatal consequences. Another project is mindful bodies in action, which aims to quantify the performance gains in elite athletes after a coaching intervention. We are using techniques such as chemical measures of stress hormones coupled with images of brainwave activity to calibrate and train high performance zone states at the extremes of athletic high performance.

Our goal is to incorporate these new models of expert performance into the neurocoaching repertoire so that more individuals can adopt new patterns of excellence.

The Coaching Space

Peter Knight - Melbourne Golf Coach

Peter Knight can help you achieve these things and more. Peter is one of only three Master Professionals with the Australian PGA. His skill and understanding will help you create sustainable improvements in your golf. For you this could mean modest improvements or major leaps toward your big goals.

With over 30 years of coaching experience, 20 of them successfully coaching at State and National level, Peter utilises his skills and knowledge to deliver meaningful results to all golfers who are really serious about the development of their own games, regardless of their current level.

A sought-after presenter, Peter regularly speaks on topics related to performance, success mindset, high performance planning and training. He is a coaching editor for Golf Australia magazine and provides regular video, written posts and podcasts on the Golf Possibilities, Melbourne Golf Coach and Iron Golf Mind websites.

Melbourne Golf Coach