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NLP training standards – from classic to modern

NLP Training Standards

Practitioner Standards (150 hours total)

  • Unit 1: NAT10970001 Experience NLP Fundamentals,
  • Unit 2: NAT10970002 Elicit Information and Generate Solutions,
  • Unit 3: MAT10970003 Apply Interventions for Optimal Self-Management

Master Practitioner Standards (250 hours total)

  • Unit 4: NAT10970004 Metaphor and Strategies that support Change and Development
  • Unit 6: NAT10970005 Perform NLP Modelling to capture Expertise

Graduate Certificate NLP  Modern NLP Training standard (400 hours total)

  • Unit 5: NAT10970005 Apply Advanced Processes to personal and organisational change
  • Unit 7: NAT10970006 Design Advanced NLP Patterns
  • Unit 8: NAT10970008 Optimise Personal and Professional Effectiveness


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Course structure

Each unit is run once a moth in a five days session format. Each session covering one unit. We usually train Thursday to Monday including the weekend to allow for work/life balance during your learning.

In both parts of the course, candidates will be assessed through:

  • Experiential evaluation
    (Live demonstration of skills in the training room)
  • Written evaluation
    (written take home questions with three months to complete)
  • Continuing coaching and evaluation throughout the course.

Making NLP a life skill

All of Inspiritive’s NLP certification courses are structured around the core competency of NLP modelling. We model what we teach and create contexts for you to discover the patterns in action. You will experience the patterns through exercises, games and tasks.

This has been called the emergent approach to learning NLP. It enables students to communicate spontaneously and naturally, with their own style and vocabulary. We respond flexibly to the patterns we observe in other people’s communication instead of relying on scripted techniques or conscious formats.

Our emphasis is always on replicating the skill or pattern in question, not talking about it or reproducing a scripted format. As a result you will experience emerging NLP patterning in your daily life, from which appropriate understanding then follows.

Outcomes for personal life:

  • Optimise your stress levels
  • Master your emotional levels to support high performance
  • Reframe events and increase your options
  • Drop unwanted habits when you choose to
  • Create empowering beliefs that work
  • Improve your memory
  • Uncover your own patterns of excellence

Outcomes for communication:

  • See, hear and feel from many perspectives to support high performance
  • Interact effectively in multiple contexts
  • Create rapport with others
  • Communicate compellingly to different people
  • Use Metaphor to communicate your ideas

Outcomes for management:

  • Acquire precise and elegant language to enable high quality results
  • Identify resources to achieve goals smoothly
  • Mediate change in your self and others for more options
  • Think globally and specifically; solve problems more effectively
  • Negotiate win-win solutions at work and elsewhere
  • Develop high level patterns modelled from yourself and other experts for application in your field(s)

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