Glossary: V


Pertaining to sight or the act of seeing.


A representation of your desired future incorporating your most compelling submodalities. It can be literal or metaphorical. Can also refer to an internal visual representation that the seer believes is likely to happen either to themselves or to others.

Vestibular System

Originates from the Latin word vestibule, which means to contain or hold. The vestibular system is the sensory apparatus we use to orient our bodies in space, and to detect whole body movement. Its physical location is the semi-circular canals in the ear, and the whole nervous system. As a representation system, the vestibular system is involved in the integration of information in the other representational systems, synaesthesia patterns, and the ability to dissociate and associate. Use of the adjectives and verbs which predicate the vestibular system produces rapid induction of trance states in many subjects.


Those tenets upon which an individual's life is founded, made up of beliefs and ideals arising from the person's culture and family of origin, combined with their understanding of their own life experience. Normally classified in a hierarchy of importance. Eg stealing may be unacceptable normally, but with no money, and hungry dependents, one might steal for food and remain true to one's values.

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