Glossary: T


Any state alteration from a pre-calibrated baseline state. Commonly used to refer to states induced by someone using hypnotic techniques, whether self or other.

Time Orientation

Past, Present and Future: Individual preference for referencing one's perception of time. The past oriented person refers to history, enjoys nostalgia and relies on precedent to provide them with standards. Change has to be tried and tested before they will accept it. The present oriented person lives in the moment, likes instant gratification and does not make long term plans. The future oriented person plans, works and lives for the future, sometimes at the expense of ongoing experience. A combination of all three allows people to benefit from past experience, act in the present and plan for the future. They are also able to derive the most benefit from activities which relate to any one of the three orientations, eg a lawyer, who sails and invests in property.


The internal subjective organization of individual perceptions of the passage of time. A timeline is the representation, usually by location in chronological order, of events from the past and projections of the future as images, sounds and feelings.

Through Time

A state in which the passage of time is perceived as being outside an individual, where they can see the past, present and future simultaneously. This is very good for planning, and activity which is enhanced by a dissociated state. This is the perception of the fixed duration appointment, and concepts of lateness, on time, lunch hours etc. Most western business uses a through time system.

Third Position

This is an example of a meta position. Third specifically is the observer of the relationship dance between the same person in first position, and the other, with whom they are interacting. Third is sometimes described as the observer, or director position. It watches, it has opinions about something which is occurring.

Third Order Change

Any change in which the intervention is made two logical levels above that of the problem state. If first order is designed to be remedial, and second order generative, then third order is evolutionary.

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