Glossary: R

Resourceful State

A psychological state that presupposes adequate information, choices, flexibility in behaviour and self reference in directing oneself in the world.


A piece of knowledge, an understanding about the world, a belief, a behaviour, a skill, a person or an object, which contributes to the achievement of an outcome.

Representational Systems

The internal use of the senses for thinking; we can represent the world in mental images, internal sounds and feelings.


A picture, sound or feeling generated from within to represent a concept, or a historical or future event.

Requisite Variety

A basic principle of cybernetics which states that in any system of man or machines, the part of the system with the greatest range of variability in behaviour is the controlling element.


The reorganisation and alteration of primary, significant core representations from which individuals derived limiting beliefs, and which act as templates for behaviour within present contexts.


Putting a different frame or perspective on one's thoughts about a situation or example of behaviour. Eg The half full/half empty glass. If you want more, it is half empty; if you have had enough, it is half full.


A pattern found within some scientific models of the world, where everything is 'chunked down' into smaller elements during analysis.

Reality Check

The act of making external checks periodically to ensure ecology is in place during internal processing.

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