Glossary: L


The formal study of languages. In English linguistics is broken into the following major areas of study; phonology, the study of phonemes the basic components of sound in spoken language, morphology, the smallest meaningful components of words, syntax, the rules or grammar of language and semantics, the meaning of language. Syntax is an important component of Neuro-Linguistic Programming as the order and sequence of utterances has a profound effect on the meaning of what is said.

Lead System

The first sensory system to take in information from the outside. Can be outside conscious awareness. The lead system was once thought to be relatively constant in an individual, but according to Grinder (Boulder; Pattern Detection 1996) the lead system is subject to change. The lead system is the first element in any strategy.


Using verbal and non-verbal communication to elicit a desired response from another person. Usually preceded by pacing, to establish rapport prior to leading.

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