Glossary: G

Gestalt Psychology

A school of psychology.


The totality of an experience at all logical levels and in all senses.

Genius State

An up-time resource state in which an individual's attention is directed outwards, into the environment. Often it includes long distance and peripheral vision, an absence of internal dialogue, and optimal physiological posture and movement. It often includes awareness of well formed outcomes, how to act as if, the ability to construct pictures and sounds, to use multiple perceptual positions, different logical levels, and conscious/unconscious interface.

Generative Change

A change that creates the possibility of further change ensuing through time as a result of the initial change taking place. Eg. Feeding someone for a day provides three free meals only. Teaching them to fish enables them to provide their own food, earn their living, and teach others. That is a generative change.


The act of taking a specific incident or behaviour and generalising the content across contexts, as if it were a generic pattern. Eg "people always do that", or "if it works at all, it will work everywhere".

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