Glossary: F


The context surrounding a given set of events and behaviour, imparting meaning to those interactions by its presence.


An extended range of behavioural responses that can be drawn upon. Each sensory channel has an extended range of ways of recalling and constructing representations. Also an extended range of emotional responses which can be elicited, created and expressed for each situation encountered by the individual. At a more complex level of processing, flexibility describes access to an extended range of perceptual filters. The use of flexibility is in its application to any given context, such that the individual can use behaviour which serves them in that context, whether conventionally accepted or otherwise, with reference to their own ecology.

First Position

The act of looking out of one's own eyes, hearing with one's ears, feeling, tasting and scenting, using one's own organs within one's body, and making one's own internal representations.

First Order Change

Change occurring on the same logical level as the problem state. Eg acting on behaviour to obtain a change in behaviour.

Feldenkrais method

A system of movement re-education developed by the nuclear physicist Moshe Feldenkrais. The Feldenkrais method works with the patterns of movement, breathing and posture and re-imprints new, more functional patterns into the nervous system. The Feldenkrais technology has been referred to as the NLP of the body because of its 'systemic thinking' approach. See systemic thinking.


The set of mechanisms that let you know whether or not you are moving towards your desired outcome.


A chosen distinction that one attends to while observing the model expressing the target capability. Some of the features Neuro Linguistic Pogrammers traditionally attend to are eye accessing cues, changes in skin colour, muscle tone, voice tonality, and voice rhythm. Through careful observation one may detect a new feature that operates in some sort of pattern. Within the NLP community the term distinctions is used interchangably with features.

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