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Value Added Selling

This Value Added Selling workshop is based on years of research, and modelling top performers in the field of influence and, communications. It has been tested and proven successful by, hundreds of professional sales people, ranging from telephone sales, face to face, business to business, retail, transactional, sales and complex sales.

After completing this Value Added Selling workshop, sales, professionals have reported the following:

  • 31% plus, increase in average number of deals in their, pipeline
  • 22% plus, increase in average sale value
  • 26% plus, increase in conversion ratio
  • Sales cycle time reduced by more than 13%

Improvements also include areas such as cross-selling, up-selling, forecasting accuracy and reduced discounting.

This workshop applies New Code Neuro Linguistic Programming, (NLP) to selling, in order to enable people to unlock the structures of excellence in communication.

You will learn:

  • Assessing people’s verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Advanced rapport skills
  • Communication strategies for gathering high quality, information
  • Tracking prospects/team members thinking processes
  • Using multiple perceptual positions for flexibility
  • Outcome oriented communication and needs assesment
  • Congruency checks
  • Eliciting resourceful states
  • Automating continual performance improvement
  • Anchoring buying states
  • Pre-framing and reframing
  • Setting and managing expectations
  • Applying the patterns to your specific pipeline

We highly recommend this program for:

  • Professional sales people
  • Sales consultants
  • Sales team managers
  • Sales trainers

“We worked with Kate and Chris to develop a week long program for our sales team in Feb 2011. Many of the concepts we introduced during that week were new and somewhat ‘alien’ to the team members, but it was testament to Chris’s engaging delivery that they not only embraced new ways of thinking they readily saw the benefits when they put them back into practice in their daily work lives”.

Peter Burr, Executive General Manager, Marketing at Upstream Print Solutions.


This program is only available for organisations.

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