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Leading Effective Meetings

What if your organisation could save $750k a year per every 100 employees?

Meetings are an integral part of the everyday business of, successful companies. However, meetings have a notoriously, unpopular reputation amongst managers and employees for, being inefficient, boring and conflictive.

The cost of inefficient meetings is significantly reflected both, financially and in staff morale.

Statistics unearthed by the 3M Company

“It seems that if you ring someone these days and get through the first time, it is a bonus. Everyone seems to be ‘in a meeting’. How true. Statistics unearthed by the 3M company while researching its meetings efficiency calculator show that, chief executives spend 69% of their time in meetings, and 35% – 70% of, the typical professional’s time is spent in meetings – half of which is said to, be wasted time”.

Leaders spend 50% of their day in formal meetings and another, 20% in informal interactions and are consistently complaining, about not having enough hours in the day to achieve results.

Thousands of salary dollars are tied up in meetings each year., (Conservative estimates indicate three quarters of a million, dollars are spent for every 100 employees).

Imagine everything your business can do with an extra $750,000, every year.

By applying research findings in human communication from, the field of cognitive psychology and linguistics we designed, a program that will significantly leverage your business, by providing your employees the skill set they need to run, productive meetings and significantly magnify the input of their, communication at all times.

After completing this one-day program ‘Leading Effective, Meetings’ your business will experience:
– Increased levels of staff morale
– Increased productivity
– Increased synergy and team collaboration
– Improved resource allocation

* From Australia’s Business Review Weekly Monday, March 22, 1999, Vol. 21, No. 10


This one-day program is, only available for, organisations.

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