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Coaching Programs

Developing Compelling Futures

People who are exceptionally effective at creating desirable futures for themselves and their families have clear representations of their desired lifestyle, career or business futures. Their futures are congruent with their values, represented in compelling terms, engaging their unconscious minds and leading to considered activation of useful states and behaviour in the world to realise their desired future.

In this coaching program we will explore and apply the patterns of thinking, emotion and behaviour used by people who are exceptionally effective in creating and making desirable futures real.

Save time and increase productivity for Managers

Leading others effectively is a significant capability required by all levels of managers. The communication skill of effective leaders has a significant impact on the culture of organisations.

Developing Emotional Independence

Your normal operating states have a direct relationship with your performance. In this coaching program you have an opportunity to develop greater agency and enhance your states and performance.

Saving time and money on meetings

Meetings are integral to the everyday business of successful companies. Yet for such an important business function, meetings have a notoriously unpopular reputation among managers for inefficiency, politics and problems with miscommunication and relationships. The cost of inefficient meetings is significant not only financially but also in staff morale.

Enhancing or Developing Creativity

Creative thinking is becoming a highly valued attribute in the present, and more so for the future. Creative thinking does not happen by chance and some people demonstrate more than others. Whatever your current level of creativity, you can learn to enhance yours with the essential thinking patterns that promote creativity to develop and enhance your creative process.

Transforming Limiting Beliefs

Whether you believe something, know it is real or have a certainty about something, you can change it if you so choose. In this program, you can explore alternatives to those things you wish were not true and change limiting beliefs to something that fits you and your chosen circumstances.

Transforming Self Concept

Self concept refers to personal qualities with which you identify. It includes those you value, such as being a kind, intelligent or competent person and those you might prefer to change, such as being always late or bad at maths. Develop additional qualities to the level of self concept and change qualities you would prefer not to own.

Enhancing Business and Personal Relationships

Communicating effectively with other people requires the ability to engage, observe, listen and gather high quality, relevant information. Learn how to do this and to frame your comments and questions to facilitate clear and unambiguous exchanges.

Developing Intrinsic Motivation

All motivation is intrinsic, even if you feel pressured by external events. Discover the intrinsic elements that make a task worth your while and distinguish between those tasks which are worth accepting and those which are not. When you know your own values, you can determine which ones are being honoured in your acceptance and rejection of tasks, acts and agreements.

Neutralising Phobias and Traumas

Snakes, spiders, insects, heights, aircraft, lifts and caves are all examples of encounters some people would do anything to avoid. Despite their bad press, they are all parts of life. If you experience a phobic or at least a strong, emotional aversion to these or other phobic stimuli, you can become free of the phobic response in one or two sessions. Phobias involving life style changes and the help of other people may take longer.

Developing a Resilient approach to life

Resilience is the capacity to maintain an optimistic, cheerful state that is open to possibility and un-phased by potential setbacks in life. This is different from refusing to recognise and avert disaster; it enables resourceful, creative thinking to take place from within a state of equanimity. If your general state is one of internal stability and agency, you can derive more enjoyment from more of your life and create better results from the increase in opportunity you perceive. Resilience is something you can continue to develop and extend, regardless of your present situation.