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What makes us different



Most other NLP providers

Australian Government accredited and recognised training (10970NAT Graduate Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Non-accredited courses endorsed by one or more non-recognised bodies, almost always created by the training company
Inspiritive is a Registered training Organisation registered with the Australian Skills and Quality Authority, demanding rigorous standards of quality assurance for your peace of mind. Private company endorsed by non-recognised body. Might be backed by great people.
Our Graduate Certificate in NLP is benchmarked against the rigorous standards of the AQF at the level above a bachelor’s degree. Non-accredited, non-recognised certificates
INSPIRITIVE’s trainers are endorsed by Co-Creator of NLP, Dr John Grinder, and are all actively engaged in extensive ongoing research and professional development. Inspiritive trainers deliver NLP training as it was intended and as it will be most effectively transferred so you can use it. There are some great coaches, speakers and trainers though most other NLP providers have taken short courses in which they have learnt some of the theory of NLP.
NLP is learned from first principles enabling graduates to formulate interventions conversationally in their own words and change what they are doing to suit individual clients Scripted formats derived from examples of NLP patterns. Students limited to using exact scripted words.
All references to existing patterns and formats in the NLP syllabus properly attributed to their developers. Often not referenced and when referenced incorrect attribution
We have a number of financing options available for this program including loans and payment plans. Not all NLP providers have student loans available


A nationally accredited training for communication, leadership and personal management     Australian Qualifications Framework     See Course details