Important news regarding courses, re-accreditation & VET FEE-HELP

1: Re-accreditation

Re-accreditation of the Graduate Certificate in NLP is now complete. You can find it on under its new number:

10250NAT Graduate Certificate in Neuro-linguistic Programming.

Unfortunately the national regulator is experiencing technical problems with its new interactive web site, so we have been unable to put the new course on Inspiritive’s scope of registration yet. After several phone calls and an email, we are assured that this is only an IT issue, and we hope it will be resolved soon.


In the unfolding saga of proposed changes to VET FEE-HELP for 2017, our Fearless Leaders in the federal government are currently seeking to limit access to VET FEE-HELP to about half the number of courses that used to be approved. Only courses directly linked to specific occupations are likely to retain their approved status. The first draft list of approved courses does not include the Grad Cert NLP.

Whether this is because NLP is not limited in application to a single career pathway, or the government does not understand what we do (which they don’t) and thinks it is comparable to Aromatherapy, or it is simply that we were between accreditations when they wrote the list, we do not know. However, as soon as the regulator’s website works we shall put the Grad Cert on our scope and then apply to have it re-approved for VET FEE-HELP. Don’t hold your breath.

In the (rather likely) event that VFH is not forthcoming for next year, we are in discussion with two organisations that provide loans at varying rates of interest and over different time frames as well as one that administers payment plans. There will be ways to extend or defer some fees, and they should work out comparable to VFH in the medium term. Short term, they beat VFH hands down and long term, nothing competes with VFH.


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