The NLP Research Centre

  1. 1. The NLP Research Database

    Browse, sort and filter the largest historical database of scientific research - both quantitative and qualitative - that is directly relevant to the field of NLP as a discipline.

    Explore abstracts and citations of experimental and case studies from books and journals which support and refute NLP models, applications and theory. Discover literature reviews, and empirical research.

    This database is hoped to encourage the development of links between NLP and its closest relatives in the west, Psychology and the Cognitive Sciences - especially Linguistics and Neuroscience.

  2. 2. The NLP Perspective on Research

    There are a number of important methodological and theoretical issues involved in researching NLP which have not been considered in certain previous academic research & analyses of NLP, which are vital to the ongoing development of NLP.

  3. 3. Psychological Research Supporting Elements of NLP

    Traditional Psychology and Cognitive Science research in various fields, such as learning and memory, attention, cognitive load, psycholinguistics, neural networks and neuroscience, call attention to many concepts relevant to offering support and further insight into underlying principles, processes and assumptions which form the core of NLP modelling and applications. We explore these links in detail.

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