The NLP Field Guide; Part 1. A reference manual of practitioner level patterns

Field GuideThe complete reference manual for NLP students

When you check an NLP process, you want to be sure it is accurate, safe to use and properly referenced. You want access to a complete set of options for using your NLP in real life. And you want to be sure you are creating your own choices for yourself.

Join a discerning group of NLP trainers and graduates in sourcing your NLP from the NLP Field Guide Part1. Have your own comprehensive source of patterns. Refresh your knowledge and learn new patterns to extend your fluency with NLP.

When you order your own copy of the NLP Field Guide Part 1, you are opening the way to increasing your facility and performance with NLP ?| where, when and how you want to use it. You have the choice to put your own words to the patterns, to bring them to life in ways that fit where you are and who you are talking to.

Ask pertinent process questions naturally, to receive considered and meaningful answers. Experience flowing conversation and extend your influence with others. Read in the NLP Field Guide, how to make sure your influence fits the results you and others want. You will not find John Grinder's exciting, user friendly "Outcome, Intention and Consequence" model anywhere else. 

Experience reliable ways to create your favourite states of mind using the New Code of NLP and review old favourites in a new way. Everything in the NLP Field Guide Part 1 has a "do it yourself" option so you can use NLP with yourself, by yourself as well as with others. 

You will want to keep this book and refer to it often. Reread the articles and play with the patterns and your NLP will continue to develop.

NLP trainers and trainer candidates. The Field Guide is an invaluable resource for you, too. Whether you teach the classic code of NLP (Bandler & Grinder), the new code of NLP (Grinder & DeLozier), Systemic NLP (Dilts', Epstein & DeLozier) or something else, this is a great guide for you and a resource for your students. Call us directly for our generous trade terms for multiple copies.

The Field Guide is produced in a large size (297mm x 210mm) format for ease of use during training. The NLP Field Guide Part 1 is is now available. Please call us on +61 2 9698 5611 or to place an order use this link.

The NLP Field Guide Part 1; practitioner reference text

Review of the NLP field guide

Cutting edge yet

The NLP Field Guide Pt 1 is the first of a series of NLP books that we are writing on cutting edge yet comprehensive NLP.


Inspiritive's NLP Field Guide Part 1 is undoubtedly the most comprehensive and well articulated A to Z of NLP currently available. NLP processes and pattern are precisely detailed and referenced giving the reader practical application instructions. We provide all our students with a copy as their operating manual. A credit to the authors who have made significant contributions to and developments within NLP, rather than simply regurgitate original material.

R Mitchell
NLP Trainer

From the preface

"In the Collingwoods' field guide, the grateful reader will find comprehensive descriptions of concrete patterns with instructions that permit a reasonably simple mapping from the written word to actual implementation of these patterns. Off equal importance, we are offered historical notes identifying the source or sources of the patterning. These context setting remarks place the endeavours captured by the well presented patterning in an historical context, naming the origins of the work by identifying the patterning both by modeller or creator and by place and time. This allows the interested readers to appreciate how specifically, should they so choose, they might further deepen their own investigation into the patterning, the context of discovery and the source of the work". - John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair.


Easy to read, beautifully formatted, and with a very welcome emphasis on ecology in human communication the Field Guide by Jules and Chris Collingwood is quite simply the finest text on the patterns of NLP available today.

Keith Gilbert (Grad.Cert.NLP) Author - Neuro Linguistic Parenting: How to Give Children the Best Start in Life

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